Confessions: New and Collected

In early spring, three streams of thought converged and took this present shape—a confession—in poetry and memory.

The first stream ran through several posts about growing up within...and looking at what American Christianity has become.

Another stream responds to friends who graciously shared their religious understandings. It seems fair to provide some hint of the historic faith in which I've come to hope.

A third stream flowed from reading poetry—the stuff that stumbles on some beauty breaking through the jagged twists of life.

It is my hope the confluence of these streams cohere for readers...and share some of life's wonder too.

To those who recognize much of what follows from previous editions. Thank you for your patience.

[Note: The following links will go live, beginning September 22, 2018.]

If you were gone...

To the Meaning


The Elves are Gone


Phillis Wheatley


Black and Blue and All


When It Happens Here


Confession Regarding an Election


Meditations at an Airshow

The Play

“How-to” Christianity


“Unspiritual” Christian


Tradition: Antidote to Individualism

Escape from Self-Pity

Reading Chesterton

The Land of Zoomzoomachi


Poetic Intuition


Doubt and the Material World

Stevens Pass

The Poetics of Christmas

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