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...explores what stories mean...and the culture people make while doing things...and cultivated things...and poetry.  

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Loren Paulsson...
...grew up curious about everything...from training horses, to the green winged teals that visited the pond in his grandpa's pasture.
He studied journalism and religion in college...because he wanted to study everything.

He has coordinated a team of writers developing character education curriculum for long-term prisoners in the Oklahoma State Department of Corrections. His writing has appeared on CFtheMagazine.comLaunchThought.com, and The VOICE Conference blog.

He now pursues an interest in lean manufacturing...as a manufacturing technician whose responsibilities include training and technical writing and other things lean manufacturing.

Sometimes he's a bit too earnest. So it's a good thing his wife has a great sense of humor.

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You can reach him here.

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