10 October 2018

Confessions: Worship

The altarpiece in the church at Schloss Hamelschenburg,
Germany. The church building was perhaps one of the first
churches built as a Protestant place ofworship rather than converted
from Catholic worship after theReformation.
Come to the Beginning of all things:
Creator of all things that are;
The One in whose life you have being;
The One in whose Image you're made.

Come to the mount and be shaken;
Climb on a stair you can't reach;
See yourself poor, blind, and naked.
Behold in your goodness your breach.

Fall on the rock and be broken;
See love in a death on a cross;
Find hope in a tomb broken open;
Know rest in the way as you walk.

Be received in this Kinship of many;
Receive of His life shed for you;
Being remade, partake of His Body;
The hope of a Kingdom come true.

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