14 October 2018

Confessions: The Land of Zoomzoomachi

Most of the folks
in Zoomzoomach'
live there because 
they're tired of 
the world they left behind.

They hoped they could
explore the place
and maybe, too,
discover there
something they hadn't seen.

A mighty land, 
it's all frontier
with vast red clay, 
and grasses grow 
across wide blue-skied plains.

No rules there
'Cept in your head 
and other laws,
like gravity,
you have to have to think.

The people too,
you bring with you 
though some you might
not recognize,
and some have come before.

Sometimes it snows
and gets quite cold;
not many trees
but lots of gold
and beauty hidden there.

Such beauty's best
explored, enjoyed;
it can't be grasped,
but someone tried 
to hoard and take the gold.

And when he failed,
he sought to stay
and rule his hoard
and others too,
but some resisted him.

And part of me
resisted too
with little steps
or floating leaps,
helpful when being chased.

He then became
king of the beastleys...
or we became
then beastly king:
talking, shape-shifting things.

In famine, they'd 
lure little towns
with barbecue
and then ambush
the hungry innocent. 

Appearance hid
their treachery,
they'd go to church,
gain trust, and turn
on poor defenseless folks.

The people now
grow stronger 'cause
heart's brothers bind
in sacrifice 
to other brothers' hearts.

Where is this land?
People around
think only it's
a thunderstorm?
But you and me, we know.

There is no road
or ship to take
to Zoomzoomachi,
but sometimes you 
might visit in your dreams.

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