21 March 2010


The finches build their nest in yonder spruce;
The geese in pairs are nibbling tender shoots.

The doggies skip across the sunny green;
On yonder fields tractors can be seen.

On sunny afternoons in mama’s beds,
The daffodils do nod their yellow heads;

Coyotes and mule deer shed their winter coats;
And redwing blackbirds sing such juicy notes.

On moonlit nights, the music of the bog
Serenades the walker and the dog.

And me it never ceases to amaze,
How God made life to ever more renew,
How He puts all mankind’s art to shame,
In just one springtime afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. Inspired by Avatar, I see...good work, my friend. Especially the "doggies" line.