05 August 2009


Some live their lives with purpose clear
It guides them on wher’er they go
They seem to know no doubt or fear
They persevere through weal and woe

Some have the gift of intelligence
They comprehend life’s mysteries
Some write great works some know science
They alleviate life’s miseries

Then there are heroes of faith
Their lives are monuments to us
Of love and piety and grace
They rise above circumstances

These are the ones who gain the most
Greatness is theirs they touch our hearts
They challenge us to give our best
They occupy life’s greatest arts

Then there lives another type
They live their lives for fun and hype
They seem to stumble down life’s path
They know no truth but their own wrath

Groping along they see no light
They have no knowledge of their plight
They seek to know only what’s new
In hopes it justifies their view

Their view of God is small as well
If there is hope they cannot tell
They know no true reality
They have no real morality

These are the ones who lose the most
In themselves alone they boast
They cannot rise above their place
Their own humanity deface

We honor some in either group
We denigrate some that way too
Fraternize with luminaries
And sneer at others’ vagaries

Yet there are times greatness lies low
While fools are exalted so
And in viewing our reflections
We’ll see flaws in our complexions

Human nature is confusion
Of good and ill a hopeless mix
With minds full of such delusion
We are all such idiots

And thus we know the greatest grace
Belongs to one who knows his place
Fearing God and serving the race
He dignifies the commonplace

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