01 August 2009


It comes with greening grass each spring
It lasts ‘til colored leaves of fall
“The payoff pitch now and a swing
A deep drive to the track, the wall…”

The muffled pop as ball meets glove
The smell of the em’rald sward
The bat’s sharp crack on summer eves
We aren’t all great but all play hard

In vacant lots, school yards, and parks
Traditions live in dad’s advice
“Son, watch the ball, think quick not hard”
The grand old game a slice of life

A living world where any time
One alone with hard work and heart
Can overcome the other nine
Where everyone can play a part

Where heroes fall to unjust calls
And even superstars hit walls
They too must rise and carry on
Their courage inspires every one

As lengthened autumn shadows fall
The legends nod silent ascent
And some hang trophies on their wall
Another saga nears its end

1 comment:

  1. Nicely written. Your enjoyment of the sport shines through. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the game this evening!