01 December 2005

Remembering the Alamo

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas have managed to commemorate freedom and sacrifice with all the hospitality, openness, and attitude you might expect from Texans.

When you walk into the Alamo as a friend and I did last November 25, a look at the guest book you might notice your fellow visitors hail from as far away as Scotland.

You will file through the rooms where Susanna Dickinson and her young daughter Angelina took shelter, you can read the plaque next to one of Davy Crockett’s vests, and you can look at a scale model of the 1836 defenses.You can then walk around the garden in back, and buy books or souvenirs in the Sales Museum.

Don't miss the Long Barrack Museum where the plaques on the wall, if not the abundance of artifacts, explain the cultural and political background for the Texas Revolution. You might even get to hear an Italian gentleman in a red vest tell the whole story with a New York accent.

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