01 August 2005

The Island

Ewan McGregor turns in a convincing performance as Lincoln Six-Echo, a resident in an apparently utopian community after most of the earth has become uninhabitable.

Lincoln begins asking questions, however, and just as his friend Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlet Johansson) wins a lottery passage to the “Island,” the last uncontaminated place on earth, Six Echo discovers he and most of the people he knows are clones—created to be harvested for parts.

Despite a somewhat predictable storyline, Michael Bay’s movie offers a slick exploration of the human experience in a world that doesn’t recognize a person’s humanity. Lincoln and Jordan’s journey ultimately defines personhood as much more than sex or survival, and explores how a cavalier view of human life can dehumanize its adherents.

The movie is rated PG13 for violence and one romantic love scene.

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